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Catch Up Premium

Following the school lockdown in 2020, the government and DfE made available some additional funds to all schools (approx £80/pupil) to support schools in addressing the additional needs of pupils following the disruption to their education. 
Long Mountain CE Primary School has received £4670 of Covid Catch-Up funding (by end of Spring term 2021).
To find out more about the Covid Catch-Up Premium, you might like to read the DfE guidance.
Our School Strategy
The staff have spent time getting to know the specific challenges and needs that our children have experienced following the partial school closures over the last year. We have identified some trends and some specific groups and individuals who have experienced a greater adverse impact to their learning than others.
During the Jan-Mar 2021 'lockdown', Long Mountain worked very hard to encourage as many children at risk of severe educational disruption to attend as possible. This enabled us to continue certain key interventions e.g. speech language support, EAL support, individualised reading programmes etc during the lockdown and this has helped offset some of the disruption.
The document below details the way we are spending the Covid Catch-Up Premium to support our children.