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Our Curriculum

What is the curriculum?

The curriculum is the progression of knowledge that we teach the children at Long Mountain CE Primary School. Through our curriculum we will enable our children to know more and to remember more. We achieve this through the careful sequencing, revisiting and application of subject knowledge. As the children journey through the curriculum at Long Mountain, they will revisit key concepts in each subject and will learn to make connections between subjects and between knowledge from previous years. 

What is learning?

Learning happens when new information is committed to the long-term memory. If it can't be remembered, it has not been learned. Learning doesn't happen in one lesson - learning is built over a sequence of lessons and even over several years. Children need to have lots of opportunities to revisit their learning in order to move knowledge into their long term memory.  We use research to inform our practice in school; as teachers, we are always learning - just like our pupils.

What is our curriculum aiming to do?

The curriculum at Long Mountain is designed to enable our children to be successful, high achieving, well-rounded and confident members of society. 

We have identified 3 key curriculum drivers:

  1. Aspiration, hope and possibilities
  2. Whole-heartedly healthy
  3. ​Making connections

How can you find out more about the curriculum?

Click here to see the National Curriculum programmes of study for each subject. These detail core content that must be taught during a child's time a primary school.

If you would like to find out more about Long Mountain CE Primary School's Curriculum, please phone the school (01743 891320).

How do we promote excellent learning behaviours?