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PSHE stands for personal, social and health education.

RSE stands for relationships and sex education.

What is the purpose of PSHE & RSE, and how does it fit into the whole school vision?

• RSE in our school is part of the personal, social and health education curriculum. This is integrated within the wider school curriculum and complements and overlaps with the general ethos and life of the school. In our school we strive to enable every child to flourish academically, physically and spiritually. The provision of high quality RSE is a key part of our vision.

• We teach children about key ideas to do with relationships and sex education:

  • personal hygiene and related health issues,
  • encourage exploration of values and moral issues taking into account physical and moral risks associated with certain behaviour
  • educate against discrimination and prejudice
  • help prepare children to make informed choices about relationships.

• In planning and presenting our RSE programme we provide an opportunity for pupils to express themselves within a trusted and safe environment. Central to our PSHE programme is the development of pupils’ self-esteem. If young people feel positive and good about themselves they are more likely to take care of themselves, think positively of other people and therefore, develop non-exploitative, caring relationships. They are also less likely to be exploited by others.

Please click on the link below to see our detailed RSE policy.

PSHE lessons are an important part of the week. All the children work on the same theme within PSHE, but lessons are delivered at an age-appropriate level to support the understanding and learning of all our pupils. The table below shows you what is being covered in each year group, each term.

PSHE Enrichment

Throughout the year we may get involved with national events e.g. anti-bullying week, empathy day. These opportunities give us the chance to explore particular themes in more depth.